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ADA Request 1 Form
Forms Disability Request Accommodation

BOPU Bids 3 Forms
Forms OM 10-18 Lateral Reinstatement Bid
Forms Water Treatment Plant Filter Coating Replacement
Forms WT 18 Wellfield Rehab - Polo Pivots

Development Services 2 Forms
Forms Planning Commission Member Application
Forms Zoning Violation Complaint Form

Police Department 7 Forms
Forms Citizens Police Academy Registration
Forms Concealed Carry Seminar Registration
Forms Graffiti Abatement Waiver for Property Owners/Manager
Forms Report Graffiti
Forms Report Nuisance/Code Violations
Forms Seminar registration
Forms Traffic Complaints

Purchasing 13 Forms
Forms E-24-18 Furnishing 1 new pickup for Police Department
Forms E-25-18 Furnishing 12 New Refuse Trucks
Forms E-26-18 for furnishing one new 2019 cab & chassis with utility body
Forms E-28-18 for furnishing New Computers and Operating Systems
Forms E-29-18 furnishing police vehicles and equipment installed
Forms RFP-17-18, Utility Locating Services
Forms RFP-20-18 Pavement Conditions
Forms RFP-21-18 Hazardous Waste Disposal Services
Forms RFP-22-18 E-Waste Recycling Services
Forms S-10-18 Traffic Signal Upgrades
Forms S-11-18 Chip Seal Pt. 1
Forms S-14-18 Civic Center Commons Park
Forms S-15-18 Permanent Litter Fence

RequestTracker Forms 43 Forms
Forms ADA Request
Forms Aquatics Comments or Concerns (Pools, Spray Park, Sloans Lake Beach)
Forms Blade and Gravel Alley or Road
Forms BOPU CS Discolored Water
Forms Cemetery Maintenance
Forms Comments or concerns regarding recreation activities
Forms Commercial Collection Service
Forms Community and Neighborhood Parks
Forms Compliments, Comments of City Staff
Forms Compliments, Comments, or Concerns
Forms Concern regarding city staff
Forms Construction Management
Forms Creek, Waterway or Detention Pond Maintenance
Forms Debris in Street
Forms Electrical Requests (REPAIRS ONLY)
Forms Employee In-House Request
Forms Greenway Maintenance
Forms Ice and Events Center Comments or Concerns
Forms Inlet Repair or Maintenance
Forms IT Service Request
Forms Miscellaneous comments regarding Parks and Recreation
Forms Mowing in the Right-of-Way
Forms Nuisance or Code Enforcement Concern
Forms Patch Street Cut
Forms Pothole Repair
Forms Question about water or sewer bills
Forms Report a main break or leak
Forms Report discolored water
Forms Report Graffiti
Forms Report Traffic Complaints
Forms Report water waste
Forms Request water service or maintenance
Forms Residential Collection Service
Forms Snow Plowing or Sanding Request
Forms Storm Water or Drainage Recurring Event
Forms Street Striping and Painting
Forms Street Sweeping
Forms Test
Forms Traffic Sign Repair
Forms Traffic Signal Repair
Forms Tree or Shrub Obstruction
Forms Triangles, Medians, Parkways and Streetscapes
Forms Zoning Violation Complaint