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Posted on: January 24, 2020

Thermal Fuse Device Needs To Be Installed To Medical Oxygen Units In Wyoming


Cheyenne Fire Rescue along with the Wyoming State Fire Marshal’s Office and other fire departments across Wyoming are “Getting Ahead of the Call” when it relates to fires caused in homes with medical oxygen.

The 307 CRR (Community Risk Reduction) Initiative encourages the installation of a thermal fuse device that stops the flow of oxygen when a fire is detected in the oxygen flow or in the tubing. There are more than 30,000 people in Wyoming on medical oxygen.

Community Risk Reduction involves the use of the “Five E’s” which are Education, Engineering, Enforcement, Economic Incentive, and Emergency Response. January 20-26 is CRR week.

Having thermal fuse devices installed on all home oxygen units is a key education part of CRR. As reported to Wyoming State Fire Marshal’s Office, over the last several years more than 50 percent of the of the deaths in residential structure fires in Wyoming have been in homes with medical oxygen. The mission of 307 CRR is to have thermal fuse devices installed in all Wyoming homes with medical oxygen by 2024.

“We all know that oxygen by itself doesn’t burn but the presence of oxygen increases burning and will allow the fire to burn longer and hotter,” said Byron Mathews, Prevention Chief for Cheyenne Fire Rescue. “A simple, cost effective device can easily prevent deaths, injuries, and property damage across the state.”

The thermal fuse device is simply installed inline in oxygen tubing and if a fire is detected it will cut off the supply of oxygen and extinguish any fire detected in the tubing.

“The goal of the 307 CRR Initiative is to prevent deaths and injuries in the Cowboy State along with keeping fire damage in homes to a minimum,” said Mathews.

For more information about the use of medical oxygen and the thermal fuse device, contact Cheyenne Fire Rescue at 307-637-6311, the Wyoming State Fire Marshal’s Office at 307-777-7288, or your oxygen supplier.