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Posted on: April 10, 2018

As Cheyenne Continues To Grow, Sanitation Division Wants To Be More Efficient


As the City of Cheyenne continues to grow, City officials want to find ways to be more efficient with services provided to its residents.

The City’s Sanitation Division says it has a pilot program that will do just that.

Currently, there are some blocks within the City where trash and recycle containers are emptied on the street and in the alley. “This means a driver drives a trash truck up the street and up the alley. The City wants to move those containers to one location, either in the alley or on the street, which ever makes the most sense for that area,” says Vicki Nemecek, City of Cheyenne Public Works Director. “This project will allow us to provide service to more customers utilizing our current resources.”

The City will start a pilot program later this month. The program area is between Windmill Road and Long Valley Road, and Nationway and Lincolnway. There are 134 households in the area that will get letters the second week of April notifying them of the location change. About 20 percent of those households will be impacted. The new collection location will start two weeks from when the letter is sent. Many residents already have their containers in the desired place, but it’s important to let the entire neighborhood know about the project.

The City plans to complete the pilot program, make the necessary adjustments, then move on to other parts of the City. The City-wide project will take at least a year to complete.

For more information, contact the Sanitation Division at 637-6440.