County Pockets

What are County Pockets?
County Pockets are areas of unincorporated Laramie County that are more than 75% contiguous to city limits. In many cases these pockets were developed decades ago as residential properties utilizing well water and septic tanks. When these wells and/or septic systems fail, replacement or repair is not an option due primarily to the small lot sizes. When this occurs the alternative is to annex to the City and connect to City water and sanitary sewer.

This can often be a financial burden to the property owner to connect to water and sanitary sewer and make appropriate street improvements required with annexation. The City has programs to help address these costs.

Financial Programs to Assist with Annexation Costs
Revolving Loan Program is a 1% low interest loan for annexation related improvements. The loan is intended for owner occupied situations and is a mortgage on the house. Qualifications are similar to a bank’s and are based on your ability to repay the loan. Download the application.

Water and Sewer Fees
Property owners of existing residences identified in the 2001 Annexation Task Force Report may be allowed to make payments on system development fees paid to the Board of Public Utilities. Please contact the Urban Planning Office for more information.