Youth Alternatives Program


     “We Care” has been the guiding principle of the Office of Youth Alternatives for over 40 years. We began in 1971 with a federal grant of $10,600 dollars, a staff of one and ten volunteers.

     In 1973 we officially became a department of the City of Cheyenne, and as such we receive significant support and funding from the city. We are also funded from donations, a partnership with Laramie County School District Number One and a variety of grants, some of which are through the Department of Family Services. We have grown considerably, with a staff of over 20 and almost 100 volunteers. Everyone who works here is committed to helping our children become greater than they believed they ever could be, but the challenge remains the same: to continually move forward with the idea of people helping people to become better people.

     Youth Alternatives is a family-centered program designed to respond to the needs of youth, ages 5 - 18, and their families. We serve Cheyenne and the surrounding communities. Youth in our program are experiencing a variety of problems ranging from emotional, behavioral and legal problems to minor growing up issues. Young people are referred by schools, parents, law enforcement, courts, and many others.

     The program intervenes in a variety of ways in the lives of young people at an impressionable stage in their growth to help them see themselves as better people and the world as a positive place. We try to reach them before negative behaviors become solidified. We do this with counseling, court services, school programs, a Friday night alternative and mentoring. As a result, young people are better able to explore new, more appropriate behaviors, building their strengths and helping them overcome their weaknesses.

Our programs are designed to strengthen families in the five primary areas of:
                    Problems Solving
                         Handling Differences