Sanitation / Trash

Please Be Advised:

If you had a Wed or Thurs trash pick up - please have it out for Saturday pick up. Keep it there until it’s picked up, please. If you are scheduled for today (Friday) the schedule has NOT changed for you. Our sanitation crews will be working hard on Saturday and Sunday, so please be patient.  Please consider if alleys are blocked with heavy snow we will not be able to get down them. If streets are impassable we will not be able to get down them. This also applies to the recycling schedule.

Search for schedules, maps and other information on left side of this screen. 


The Sanitation Division provides the following services:
  • Solid waste pick up and disposal
  • E-waste (electronic waste) disposal ( Monday - Saturday Only)
  • HHW waste (hazardous waste) disposal ( Thursday - Saturday Only)
  • Recycling services
  • Roll-off services
  • Transfer Station – drop off facility

Transfer Station Municipal Solid Waste Dumping Hours

            Location:  220 N. College Drive
             Monday - Saturday: 7:00 am - 2:30 pm MST

Method of Payment

Cash, checks, credit and debit cards are accepted at the Felix Pino Transfer Station, Compost Facility, and the Happy Jack Landfill.  A convenience fee will be assessed for credit and debit card payments.  Please call for further information. Charge accounts may be established and are encouraged.  Ask attendant for application.

*Notice - Sanitation, Compost and Curbside Recycling Maps are subject to change*