Building Safety Department

The City Building and Development Office is multi-faceted with two divisions: Development Office and Building Safety Department.

The Building Safety Department was created and exists to protect our primary customer, the citizens of Cheyenne through:
  • Enforcing safe building practices by monitoring the building process through construction
  • Providing building code inspections
  • Requiring chief electrical, mechanical and plumbing inspectors to have master level status; all others are required to be ICC certified within one year of employment.

Currently, in addition to the above requirements, three (3) building inspectors are required to have inspection certificates as amusement ride inspectors.

Additional Responsibilities

The Building Safety Department ensures the industry is aware of and builds to the adopted codes. Additionally, the Building Safety Department is responsible for numerous inspections required by the city Clerk relating to business licensing.

This Department has direct input and assists many boards, committees and special events which operate or take place within the city.